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Vinyl Siding Soft Washing
Mold, algae, & mildew can leave the exterior of your home looking unsightly.  
Regular cleaning every 12-24 months keeps your home looking new and 
preserves the integrity of your siding.  We use soft wash techniques to 
remove the contaminants.
Brickwork Cleaning
Mold, mildew, moss, and algae are not just an eyesore- they can also weaken 
the integrity of your walls.  We use low pressure techniques to remove them without
damaging your masonry.  
Gutter & Metal Roof Cleaning
Black streaks appear gradually over time and can be difficult to safely remove 
without the right tools.  We use low pressure, special detergents, and brush
agitation to remove stains and streaks gently.  
Concrete Cleaning
One of the easiest ways to enhance the appearance of your home is by cleaning the
horizontal concrete surfaces.  The result is a quick and dramatic transformation that
will leave you wondering why you didn't have it done sooner.  Too much pressure will
damage your concrete however, and this task is best left to the professionals
Deck & Wood Restoration & Staining
Even pressure-treated wood weathers over time.  We offer cleaning services to
remove stains from decks and brighten them to a more youthful state.   We also
perform light deck-repair as well as staining & weather-sealing services. 
Roof Cleaning
As is the case with masonry, it is exceptionally important to clean your shingles
regularly.  Those black streaks on your roof are more than just an eyesore.  They
are actually Gloeocapsa Magma- a living organism.  This algae will damage your roof
if left untreated.  We use soft wash techniques to safely clean your shingles WITHOUT pressure.
Window Cleaning
If the exterior of your home doesn't need cleaning, we still offer window-washing services.  We exclusively use Italian Ettore window cleaning tools & supplies, and only the finest biodegradable window-washing solutions to clean your property.
At Grassy Creek, one of our core principles is, "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right."
Our goal is to not only make you satisfied with our work today, but also to earn your business in the future. 

With this in mind, our  Basic House Wash Service is a 7-step process and includes services that other companies will charge you extra for:

        First, we pre-treat all shrubs, flowers, turfgrass, and surrounding vegetation to eliminate risk of damage

        Next, we analyze the specific dirt conditions present on your house, and apply a custom-blended
        detergent solution to your home under low-pressure.

        While the detergent is working, we clean all accessible gutters to remove oxidation & black streaks.

        After the gutters have been cleaned, we use soft-wash techniques to safely remove the dirt and other 
        contaminants from the exterior of your home.  By using little or no surface pressure, you can be
        assured that no damage will occur.  Beware of contractors who use a high pressure wand as their 
        primary means of cleaning your siding!

        All exterior window glass, frames, and sills are sprayed with a custom detergent-blend and rinsed clean.

        After the building has been rinsed off, all nearby foliage is rinsed off as well to remove any remaining
        detergent and further eliminate the possibility of plant damage. 

        Last but not least, we offer a spray-on liquid sealer wax which:  a) retards the development of future 
        mold and mildew growth, and b) leaves a water-repellent coating on your siding and glass windows.

Additional Residential Services