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Photo Galleries from Actual Customers
Black streaks removed from gutters and roofing
12 year old deck BEFORE cleaning
12-year old deck & fence AFTER cleaning, treating, renovation, and staining.
12 year old deck BEFORE renovation
Deck DURING renovation.  Rotten boards removed.  All wood cleaned & treated to prep for strain.  Rotten wood replaced with new wood.
Vinyl Siding, Gutter Cleaning, Deck Restoration
Natural Stone Restoration- Limestone, Granite, and Marble
Masonry, Brickwork, Concrete- Restoration & Cleaning
Sidewalk and Stoop BEFORE cleaning
Sidewalk and Stoop AFTER cleaning
Stone Veneer AFTER cleaning at a subdivision entrance
Curbing BEFORE and AFTER
Oil stains and organic matter growing on a concrete driveway BEFORE cleaning
Driveway AFTER cleaning
Residential Brickwork AFTER cleaning
Residential patio BEFORE cleaning
Residential Patio AFTER cleaning
Picket Fences and Other Dirty Stuff
Our Equipment
Largo Pressure Washing Skid Unit- powered both by gasoline and diesel fuel.  The unit is adjustable from 0-3500 psi and up to 5.6 gallons per minute of water, at temperatures up to 250 degrees...  That's hot!
Our soft-wash system is powered by a fuel-efficient Honda engine.  The system delivers high volumes of water but no surface-pressure is used in this cleaning process- just another way we protect your property.
GOT SOAP? ... We do!  Our trailer is stocked with a huge assortment of biodegradable soaps to fit your specific needs.  Using the wrong soap can damage your surfaces- It is important to use only the correct soaps for your application.
We travel with an entire set of tools & spare parts in our mobile workshop.  The simple fact is:  machines break.  When they do, we have the means to fix the problem and keep on rolling.
SAFETY FIRST!  We take safety seriously- ours and yours.
We offer rooftop leaf removal & gutter clean-out.  On accessible low-slope roofs this service is included free of charge with shingle soft-washing.
Our no-pressure roof cleaning techniques won't damage your shingles.
Our no-pressure roof cleaning techniques won't damage your shingles.
When it comes to cleaning horizontal surfaces we use a Mosmatic surface cleaner.  The Mosmatic is the Cadillac of surface cleaners.  We change nozzles to adjust surface pressure so we can ensure your surface is cleaned but not harmed in the process.