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Commercial Services                                       
Dumpster Pad Cleaning
If you're in the restaurant business, you know how important cleanliness is.  We use
pressurized hot water combined with just the right detergents to remove grease and
other unwanted spills from your pad while neutralizing any undesirable odors.  We
recommend adhering to a weekly or monthly cleaning schedule.
Sidewalk & Drive-Thru / Strip Mall Facade Cleaning
If you own a restaurant or strip mall, you realize that image is everything when it comes to your customers.  Regular cleaning protocols help keep the exterior of your property in tip-top shape.  Discounted rates are available for business customers who sign up for a regular cleaning schedule.  We clean after-hours to ensure your
business will be unaffected.  Out of sight, out of mind- nothing but clean.
Gas Station Parking Lot / Canopy Cleaning
Regular cleaning of fuel pads, parking lots, sidewalks, canopies, and storefronts can
have a huge impact on curb appeal for your customers.  We offer cleaning
services after-hours during night and weekends so that your customers are
HOA / Homeowners' Associations
Along with our other B2B services, we offer discounts for repeat customers and 
volume work.  We are happy to apply any of our cleaning techniques to townhouses,
condominiums, community swimming pool areas, et cetera.  We enjoy working
with property managers and Boards of Directors as we execute quality workmanship and superb customer service.
Real Estate Cleaning / REO Cleanups
We offer time-sensitive cleaning of properties in preparation for real estate listing,
sale, or closing.  The small expense of an exterior cleaning will undoubtedly make
your subject property more appealing and could very well result in a faster sale.  We
offer extended payment terms upon request, so the cost of our service can be 
written into a real estate closing to make it easier for you to pay.
For business customers, we offer payment terms
and we also accept all major cards on site.
Window Cleaning
We offer regular service scheduling options to keep the windows to your business or restaurant crystal clear.  We exclusively use Italian Ettore window cleaning tools & supplies, and only the finest biodegradable window-washing solutions to clean your properties.
Natural Stone Restoration - Limestone, Marble, Granite, and more
Over time natural stones, such as marble and limestone, collect atmospheric dirt as well as form a breeding ground for algae and mold.  Whether you own a $120,000 historic statue or a $40,000 patio- employing the wrong cleaning techniques will permanently damage your stonework.  We've seen it before; after we are called in by a customer to "clean up" another contractor's mess.  Our techniques are proven and our workmanship insured.